It’s not easy to summarise all the attention, cure and dedication that each of our teachers dedicates to every single child in our schools. Meeting the directors and teachers is the best way to introduce the reality we propose.

Four essential points:


 The school as a place where new experiences are made

A place where children can be in a positive, active and stimulating environmental reality. Somewhere they do not simply receive information, but where they learn to verify the ideas in an autonomous and dynamical way.


 The family and the school together

Parents are constantly involved in the educational school proposals. Every choice made regarding the child, is shared with the family. Teachers, working alongside parents, help them in every aspect of their child’s development. Even educational decisions are well explained to the family in order to make them part of the school life together with their children.


 A uniform educational proposal

This is the cornerstone of our school. Living in a real, wholesome and safe way even if constantly verified. A proposal which is not an imposition but a shared choice, step by step.


 First of all, the person

Every pupil is a unique person, with their own hopes and background. It is important to respect their times and ways, with constant attention to help the child become independent in action and thought and to become an aware grown up person.