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St Joseph Foundation UK a language school located in a residential campus in London, only 20 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras station on the Piccadilly line.

It is surrounded with a beautiful green park and refurbished bedrooms and common areas. Individual and group language courses are tailor-made for the students in a familiar and cosy environment, an ideal place to improve your English.

The Italian and British cuisine experience and the welfare of each student makes this “full-immersion” experience unique.

St. Joseph



Our college in Arizona is near Tucson in the middle of the traditional far west.

A perfect location for studying the language and starting point to discover the amazing beauty of the States.

The campus is in a large natural oasis, with wide spaces for studying and for recreational activities.

We organise lessons in the classrooms and also experiences in the amazing outdoors, fun guided tours and exploration of the cities.


Holy Trinity Monastery Center


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